J’m appelle monsieur Dominique,… Lolz.. Wondering what i am writing or why i started that way? Dnt mind me.. Just saying my name is Mr Dominic, thats the best i can write for now in that language,i am a graduate of philosophy from the prestigious BENUE STATE UNIVERSITY, served in Irepo LG kishi oyo state Nigeria…

As introduced already, i am Dominic, NICEGUY my nickname, love meeting new people with positive values, love traveling, love learning, love adventures and believe me its one of the adventurous reasons that brought me here, like most bloggers, i just couldn’t keep my thoughts all by myself, i may not be an expert in scribbling my words to gladden your heart but i do hope to have an impression with my expression on you reading this post…

Talking about traveling, i don’t think there is anyone who loves it more than me, i don’t mind spending my whole life traveling provided i am learning and making positive impact on people i will be pleased, but i guess i have to settle down most times to concentrate on writing… I love reading too, yes.. Some many people especially ladies have inspired me to reading and facing challenges, guess what, they don’t even know they are the reason bhind me doing a lot of things, their actions inspire and encourages me a lot… Thanks to those ladies who they themselves don’t know the good they have done to me,i won’t stop praying for you, i am with a vision of making positive impact on the youths, to make them see life with positive attitude and perspective, and issues affecting life varies from religion to love to lifestyle and many others….

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Its me…. Nice guy 🌹 ✌