A little tip about women..!

A woman is the greatest GIFT that GOD gave to LIFE. GOD made HER so special with a heart of gold. She’s quick to forgive when she’s fully in love. Only the wise MEN knows her worth. Every woman in the world deserves respect. The story of every man has a woman in it. If you don’t need a wife, you surely have a mom.

Motherhood is a job, an everlasting voluntary job without salary and retirement date. Unbearable is HER pain of giving birth to a child. So many sleepless nights when everyone is sleeping. She is the first to wake up in the morning and the last to sleep at night. She is multifunctional, a mother during the day and a wife at night.

She endures pains for her kids to be happy in life. SHE will never trade HER kids happiness for anything in life. She goes to bed hungry so that her kids can eat in the morning. SHE will pretend to be happy just to save her home. Even when the whole world leaves she never abandon her kids. Unbearable is the pain of raising the kids alone. With tears in her eyes and fear in her heart, she still manages to say everything is alright just for her kids to be happy for life. Every scar on her body is a story and pain she endured in life. She traded her beautiful body for her kids. She fasts and prays days and nights for her kids to be successful in life.

Don’t forget to remember to always stay positive in all you do except in your HIV status..!

… NiceGuy ®™2018…


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