A report of the workshop held at St Paul’s pastoral Center Oyo during the World Communications Day from Thursday May 10th- Saturday 12th May 2018.

My personal experience/ report of Communications workshop, Oyo.
By Dominic

The seminar/workshop which was organized as part of the 52nd world communications day with its theme “THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE;fake news and journalism for peace” chosen specially by the Holy Father, Pope Francis the 1st was arranged in the Catholic diocese of Oyo by his Lordship Most Revd Emmanuel Adetoyese Badejo the Catholic Bishop of the Oyo diocese, together with the director of the Social Communications Commission, Rev Sr. Eunice Olusola Ikufisile(OSF).

The programme which started on Thursday May 10th to 2018 with the arrival of participants from various parishes within the diocese including the members of youth from St Anthony Catholic Church, Kisi, amongst others not to forget the participants from the Archdiocese of ibadan (St Joseph’s Catholic Church, oke-ado) who saw the need to make their presence worthwhile during the workshop.

A subsidized amount of #1000 was agreed as the registration as compared to normal charges of registration if done elsewhere, all thanks and kudos i must say to our indefatigable Bishop Most Rev Badejo Adetoyese Emmanuel and not forgetting our amiable Director of social commission of the Oyo diocese Rev Sr Eunice Olusola Ikufisile.

We kicked off officially at about 7:30pm with a welcome note from the Bishop who was unavoidably absent, and the Director herself, after which the workshop was properly introduced and with the pope’s message to ponder on for the night after a dinner of jollof rice and some fried delicious fish, of course we also observed our night prayers,then retired to our various rooms.

Friday came in a bit which was 12th May and the second day which was also the most interesting part of the workshop, we had our morning prayers which was followed by the morning mass at St Bernardine Catholic Church owode, we did clean up, had breakfast and then we got started.

We started on a thorough discussion and critical evaluation of the pope’s message in groups, after a successful deliberations of the groups, we had our group discussions and we were advised as Catholic media practitioners to begin the change of stopping fake news with ourselves,Then we can reach out to others by our examples and words.

The photography session was very interesting and intriguing maybe because its my passion, i learnt a lot and my whole heart, mind body and soul was involved especially during the practical aspect. The session which was handled by Mr Gregory Adedayo Akinlatan, a wonderful and amazing youth president from St Michael Catholic Church, okeho brought me particularly into a full understanding of a lot things about the camera such as the basic knowledge of handling a camera when shooting such things to note includes:aperture, ISO and the shutter speed. He explained photography to have coined out of two greek words “pwioc” which means “photo” and “yeaon” which means graph.. Literally put is the means of drawing line or drawing of light, it is a science or art and practice of creating durable images by recording light or electromagnetic radiation either electronically by means of a high sensitive material such as photographic film… Hmmm… An interesting lecture not to be forgotten in a hurry especially with the practicals done..!

The news writing lecture came up after a 5mins brk at about 2:15pm taken by Mr Peter Dada, it was centered on using the right words to creatively construct right amd meaningful sentences to form news using the 5Ws and H. He further explained that news are happenings that may have occurred in the past, occurring in the present or will occur in the future. He advised that news should be straightforward, not longer than necessary, headings must be captivating, stories must be enticing, and it involves one’s sense of judgment.

Some qualities of a good journalist he said, is that a journalist especially Catholic media practitioners must have good historical background well detailed because background gives an interesting, intriguing and captivating thought to read a news.

The session finally came to an end after clarifying some questions raised by those present with a closing remarks from the Director and a closing prayer at about 5:45pm. It was indeed a life changing workshop because no amount can actually pay up for such a knowledge, not even zillions.

At this point, i would like to suggest that such a creative workshop be organized in the diocese for the youths at least annually or twice if possible for a life changing experience especially for the unemployed, and a follow up be done to always persuade and encourage the youths for a better society…!

Don’t forget to always stay positive in everything you do except in your HIV status..!

Its Nice Guy 🌹 ✌..!


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