Relationship at its peak…!

Relationship tips…!

…. Women generally wants to be reassured every day that she is loved, and adored, and she needs his words and intimacy as proof, most things women ♀ wants to hear include… I love you, you are beautiful, you are an excellent cook, even if the meal isn’t excellent… And phone calls to say you are missing her are thinking of her,…

Most women say men take them for granted and never show appreciation for their efforts in the home 🏑, this is bcos most men feel being breadwinner of the house, fixing broken things around the house, solving problems or changing light bulbs are sufficient proof of his appreciation and love…

But NO… Women ♀ blve dat if a man really loves a woman, he shud show it every day with his words and actions, women want a daily demonstration of love…

This is a difficult concept for a man to grasp bcos he shows appreciation for doing things for her.. He will clear the surroundings, build the house, paint the house, fix her car, take her to movies, and do some shopping..

*… Women please note…. *
The man’s brain is organized to measure his self worth by what he does or achieves, not by what he says or feels…..

*…. Men please note…. *
Men need to understand that women need to hear actual words of appreciation and love to blve its true and to hear them daily, remembering her birthdays and anniversaries too mean a lot to women… Forget it once and you will never hear get it again.. Even your own birthdays won’t b remembered by you.. Her birthdays would be the same as yours….!

Remember to always stay positive except in your HIV status…!

Its Nice Guy 🌹 ✌…!!!


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